DIY French Toast Puppy

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  • 5 mins Prep Time
  • 10 mins Cook Time
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This DIY French Toast Puppy is not your typical breakfast. This hack takes tasty French toast sticks and turns them into a walk in the park.

It’s not a recipe in the true sense of the word. That’s what makes this French Toast Puppy recipe so brilliant. The only “cooking” required is heating the Farm Rich French Toast Sticks. This “recipe” is a presentation idea: snip these crispy French toast bites into a shape that looks like a puppy in mere seconds. Add some fruit and your favorite syrup, and you’ll have happy kids in no time. Once you learn to create a French Toast Puppy, we bet you’ll find more creative ways to present these tasty breakfast treats.

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DIY French Toast Puppy
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  1. Use a paring knife to cut simple shapes out of cooked French Toast Sticks and arrange them on the plate.
  2. Use currants or raisins for the eyes and nose.
  3. Line the plate with berries and serve syrup for dipping.