We Were Born
to Snack.

Are You Hungry? Grab a Snack.

Snack preferences are as unique as each individual snacker. Maybe you’re running late because you went down the internet quiz rabbit hole, and you forgot to eat lunch. Or your kids just got home from school and a hot snack is the perfect bribe to get homework done. Or maybe (and we fully support this one), you’re just not in the mood to cook dinner tonight, and a plate of Mozzarella Sticks sounds perfect. Whatever your snacking needs, and whenever you need them, you can count on Farm Rich.

How Did We Get Started?

We still maintain that Mozzarella Sticks are the greatest snack of all time. And in 1982, that’s the snack that started it all, becoming the first Mozzarella Stick brand available in grocery stores. In 1997, Farm Rich expanded to include even more delicious snacks that are super easy to prepare and are the perfect fit for your snack lifestyle.

If You Wanna Grab a Snack, Grab a Snack.

Farm Rich just wants to make snacking easy, simple, and delicious. We’re not fans of anyone telling you what, when, where, how, or why to snack. We really do believe only you should do that. So, it’s simple. If you wanna grab a snack, grab a snack.

Farm Rich in the Town

For over 30 years, Farm Rich has supported local communities through programs that help improve and enrich the lives of children and families.

From education and social services to youth athletics and the arts, our partners are making a true difference in their local communities, and we are proud to give our support. We believe that vibrant and healthy communities make life better for everyone.

Some of the organizations we support include:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Children in Action

  • Coastal Coalition for Children

  • FCA Youth Camps

  • Hope 1312 Collective

  • Marshes of Glynn Libraries

  • Morningstar Children & Family Services

  • Safe Harbor

  • YMCA