Mozzarella Stick Mummy Bowl

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  • 20 minutes Prep Time
  • 10 minutes Cook Time
  • Medium Level

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Mozzarella Stick Mummy Bowl
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Serve your favorite Mozzarella Sticks in a spooky mummy bowl that the kids will love. Great for seasonal Halloween decor or serving snacks at your Halloween party. Learn how to make this easy DIY Halloween craft today!


  1. Cut water bottle in half to create base for Mozzarella Sticks.
  2. Using pinking shears, cut long strips from t-shirt cloth.
  3. Using craft glue, attach strips of t-shirt fabric around the bottle to appear like mummy “wraps.”
  4. Glue on the wiggle eyes. Tip: to make them appear more “mummy like” have them peek out from under the fabric strips instead of gluing directly on top of fabric.
  5. Prepare Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks according to package instructions and serve in your new mummy bowl. Goes great with “bloody” marinara sauce!